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Nikki's Bio

Nikki Brooks is a singer/songwriter whose two passions in life are being a mother and a musician. She enjoys singing, songwriting, playing the guitar and playing the piano. Her producer/co-writer is songwriting genius and rock-a-billy musician, Bo Stottlemyer, who resides in the Nashville area.

Bo & Nikki

Thank you from Bo

As any Nashville, Tennessee songwriter will attest, it’s getting increasingly difficult to get your original songs recorded by commercial recording artists.  The reasons for this are many but are primarily linked to politics and economics.  Couple these reasons to the fact that my original songs are not mainstream and tend to reside “outside the box”.  Way outside.

 So after several “dry” years of striking out, I decided to quit pitching my songs to outside recording artists and instead, start my own record label.  Smart move, right?   Well, maybe.

 Problem is, I don’t sing very well.  In fact, I’ve been told there are several farm animals that have better pitch control, vibrato, and articulation.  So what’s a non-singing songwriter to do?

 Enter Nikki Brooks.  I met Nikki Brooks at a local songwriter’s showcase several years ago and we instantly became close friends.  And, get this - she loved my songs.  And I loved Nikki’s voice.  Her vocal style fit my songs precisely.  Topeka! 

 Nikki and I have spent many, many hours in my home recording studio recording, refining, re-recording, and embellishing these songs until we finally reached the point where the songs jelled.  Nikki learned many of the secrets of vocal delivery in a studio environment while I learned how to manipulate a room full of electronic recording gear and computer software.  Together, as a musical team, we were able to compliment each others contribution to this album.

To say this album was a labor of love would be a gross understatement.  Nikki has been a delight to work with in the studio, always open to new ideas, and readily accepting of constructive criticism.  These songs might never have seen the light of day had it not been for that chance meeting at a coffee shop showcase.

 Finally, I feel that the Man Upstairs had a hand in bringing us together and guiding us in this musical project.  We both have suffered major medical issues during this endeavor, but the Grace of God has allowed us to bring this album into fruition.  As a gesture of our gratitude, our next album will consist of songs of faith and praise.  It’s our way of saying thank you.

 I sincerely hope you enjoy listening to this album as much as Nikki and I enjoyed creating it.

 Thank you and God bless.

 Bo Stottlemyer

A Note from Nikki

I would like to sincerely thank anyone who has encouraged me through the years to continue singing, playing, writing and recording. I would like to thank my husband for moving to Nashville with me and residing in Tennessee for several years so that I could pursue my passion of creating and performing music. Last but certainly not least, I would like to thank my amazingly talented producer, co-writer and wonderful friend, Bo Stottlemyer. Bo's willingness to work with me in his studio has resulted in bringing twelve quality songs to life! This unique and diverse album of songs has realized my childhood dreams of becoming a songwriter and recording artist! I'm incredibly grateful to Bo Stottlemyer for making my lifelong fairytale come true!"

-Nikki Brooks

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